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Who We Are

Integrative Awakening™ offers an Experiential Path of Self Discovery

This work embraces Empowerments and Awareness Practices that support opening into a deeper understanding of yourself on all levels of Life and beyond.

There are many avenues available for spiritual evolution, three key ways are, the way of the Heart, the way of Knowledge and the way of service, all are aspects within you.

One of the most important things one can do for themselves is to open our Heart. Healing the Heart is a major step in Self Discovery.

Compassion arises from a healed Heart, when we have compassion for ourselves we often share it with others.

Working as a Spiritual Awareness counselor and Guide for Personal Growth for over 35 years. It has been an honor to help others connect more deeply with the truth that is within.

A Truth that is inherently in each of us.

It is my joy and privilege to serve as a certified Spiritual Unfoldment Network Teacher™

Integrative Awakening is a non-denominational spiritually inclusive organization, in dedication and support of, Women, Men and Young People on their path of personal and spiritual evolution.

Empowering people to access: Intelligent Spiritual Energies” while integrating the
Heart and the practical with the higher purpose of our True Nature.

We are here as Human Beings to Discover our True Self and Live as Fulfilled Conscious Awareness In a Body.

Everything is Now.
Glad you are Here.

Mataji ~ (aka, Rev. Carol Singler)

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Planetary Consciousness Transition

Exploration & Discovery Ark™

Spiritual Awareness Counseling

Recognition of the Multi-self

As Human Beings we are all meant to be vastly different
We have many levels of consciousness
When we discover our Unconscious Conditioning
We can open to an authentic embracing of our Individuality
Until we Recognize our True Self we are Unaware of our True Nature

In Self discovery the most essential is
The Recognition of that which underlies all expression.
That which is Unchanging
This is not usually easy and support is key
Once that True Self is discovered and its recognition is Stabilized,
All multiplicity is understood to be
Perfect in its Expression.

This Recognition is not a mental understanding.
Your essential Self is beyond thinking
And yet the mind and all you Perceive
Is included within that Purity of Awareness
As are all Expressions in the Multiplicity

Heart Centered Awareness

Within the body, the vehicle, your temple
In which you experience form
The Spiritual Heart is ever Present
Contemplate – What is your Spiritual Heart

Be aware of your lungs
Breathe deeply, slowly and gently
You may feel a Calming
The Breath is a wonderful bridge for
Feeling and connecting with the Inner Heart
And for purifying it

The Heart contains everything you need
And everything you no longer need
To purify the Heart is to Discover
The Mystery and Mastery of Being
On this website there are tools offered for
Purification and Self Mastery

S.U.N. Workshops

These Workshops are sponsored by:
The Spiritual Unfoldment Network™

What is the SUN Network?

It is an international non-denominational spiritually- oriented network of teachers dedicated to making available to the public esoteric energy work from all major spiritual traditions. Our goal is to assist people in progressing more effectively on their personal spiritual path, at their own pace, without prescribing what that path must be.

As Human Beings

We are surrounded by and are an intimate part of an infinite ocean of energy. This non-physical energy permeates all things, and all living things depend on it for their continued life and health. It is called Prana by the Hindus, Chi by the Chinese, Mana by the Hawaiians. Esoteric traditions of all ages have recognized that a master key to physical vitality and spiritual evolution is the ability to absorb and use this energy. (This can be accelerated through raising our vibrational rate)

The Effectiveness of “Intelligent Energy™”

One if the unique and beneficial properties of the energies

Used by the S.U.N. Network is that they are “intelligent.”

And with the training provided by the S.U.N. classes,

An individual is empowered to access these energies and direct them with mere “intention.”

It is impossible to convey in words how extraordinary

this intelligent energy is.

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Why take a S.U.N. Workshop

Why Take a SUN Workshop?

S.U.N. WORKSHOPS are unique in their variety and transformative power. People at all levels of experience attend our classes – from complete beginners to professional energy workers. Students receive “attunements” which are permanent empowerments of their subtle energy field. This is what gives them the capability to do the “work”.

Four key ideas about working with these cosmic energies

There are many cosmic energies, not just one.

Different spiritual traditions work with very different kinds of energies.

People respond very differently to different physical energies

(e.g. those in music or food)

They also respond differently to the energies of different traditions.

This is why the S.U.N. network works with energies from different cultures

Unlike purely physical energies

These energies we are talking about behave intelligently.

Some say they are God’s gifts to us and are the carriers of divine intelligence,

others prefer to say the energies come out of cosmic mind.

To give a couple out of many examples of this fact, you can use these energies to do chakra work or energy balancing that goes far beyond more commonly known methods.

Just as a high-speed computer can do thousands of additions per second, these energies can do many times what we can, when we rely only on our personal intelligence.

Through profound initiations,

or empowerments of your energy field, you can acquire the ability to access these energies that would otherwise take decades of meditation. Historically these kinds of initiations were done only by gurus.

Now there are organizations, like SUN doing this.

All of our workshops are initiation workshops in which you receive powerful energies.

You can access them any time for yourself or others through mentally directing the flow (no visualization, mantras, etc.) thereby avoiding dependence on others.

Examples of Intelligent Energy™ functions

1. Becomes more effective and powerful with usage

2. Can be used to help others or

can be transmitted to them at a distance for their benefit.

3. Can be effective when used by intention or

can be put on “automatic pilot”

4. Can be utilized while awake or while sleeping.

5. Works together with, and even enhances other practices.

6. Helps connect the individual to other energies & Guides

7. Is available in an infinite number of varieties.

8. Can be calibrated to operate at variable intensities.

9. Teaches itself to be more effective.

10. Is provided by the grace of God, and works independently of any religion or belief system.

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Rev. Carol Singler aka Mataji is a certified teacher in the Spiritual Unfoldment Network™ (S.U.N.). The teachers listed on the Spiritual Unfoldment Network website at are the only certified S.U.N. Teachers. Others on the internet (on eBay and elsewhere) claiming to have the ability to pass on the attunements do not. The S.U.N. teachers listed have all had a minimum of a year of intense private and in-class training with Irving Feurst, the founder and director of S.U.N. You will find them to be among the most accomplished energy workers anywhere!

Although historically one of the reasons people have worked with shakti is because of a belief some energies can heal, Integrative Awakening, Integrated Living and S.U.N. makes no medical claims.

*No statement made by Integrative Awakening, Integrated Living, or S.U.N. materials, teachers or students should be interpreted as making or implying a medical claim, in whole or in part.

*When we use the word “heal” we do so in a spiritual sense, not a medical sense even if we do not state so explicitly for every single use.

*The words “heal” and “Whole” come from the same OLD English root. To be healed spiritually with respect to an issue is to become whole with respect to that issue. For example, it may involve not a cure but being at peace with the fact that there is no cure.

*If you have a medical condition, please seek the advice of a licensed health practitioner. In no case should S.U.N. practices or statements made by Integrative Awakening, Integrated Living or S.U.N. materials, teachers or students contribute to the delay or omission of appropriate medical treatment.

*Integrative Awakening, Integrated Living and S.U.N. pride them selves on making available energies that are not only extraordinarily effective but also extraordinarily safe. However, we do not assume responsibility for the effects of any S.U.N. Initiations or any practices coming from Integrative Awakening, Integrated Living or S.U.N. materials, teacher or students.(c)

It is S.U.N. policy that the above statements be presented in each issue of our newsletter, at the front of materials for each class, at all S.U.N. talks and demonstrations, and at the beginning of individual work with any S.U.N. teacher. It will be assumed that anyone participating in a class or individual work is familiar with and accepts these statements.

Featured S.U.N. Workshops

(All workshops can be taken in person or at a distance)


Most work on releasing the influences of past lives focuses on the recall of dramatic events. In reality, what is most important is neither recall nor working with dramatic episodes but the energetic release of the samskara (a Sanskrit term meaning the limiting influences on our thoughts, feelings and actions built up through many past lives).

This course gives you a comprehensive system for working with your samskara as they are ready to release.


An Activatable Attunement

(for yourself or others)

Runs for 5 hours straight and does the most thorough job of clearing the meridians of anything we know.


The most effective way to tap into the energies of the planets is to work with them in groups of three (the grouping being determined by their esoteric ray alignments).

In this workshop you will receive unusually potent initiations for bringing in and grounding the energies of Ten Planetary Triangles.

Including those for:

  1. Realizing your soul purpose
  2. Balancing male and female energy
  3. Clearing negative thought forms

Reflection & Contemplation

Through Form Consciousness

Your Sacred Inheritance comes through form

Form Nature

The Nature of form is always moving

Even when you feel Still

You are moving at vast speeds in the cosmos

Form Nature Naturally Expresses through Beauty

Even those things the Mind considers Ugly

At another level those things are Discovered to have a Harmony.

Though we may feel to the contrary

We do not control Nature.

We Experience it.

The Heart of Form Intelligence

Within the Body resides an intelligence
Becoming aware of this, changes everything.

Humanity has been evolving for thousands of years
without being in touch with the simple wisdom
the body provides.
Becoming aware of this wisdom brings great relief
to the Heart of all seekers and can lead to true freedom.

Your questions are important to me

Please send a message and I will reply as soon as possible.
Thank You, Mataji

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