Spiritual Counseling with Mataji

Mataji’s Spiritual and intuitive counseling is to support those interested in deepening their self discovery.

This includes re-framing some of the old perspectives that hold you back from deeper awareness of your true self as well as guiding you to reconnect with your heart in a deeper way and how you can correctly respond to life situations as you discover your true nature.

If you are interested in a session please fill out the form below. Please provide birth information: Date, Place and Time of birth.

Session rate $100 per hour.


I met Mataji many years ago her mastery and skill as an insightful communicator and spiritual being was evident to see.

I left the area and when I returned home from an 11 year “dark night of the soul journey”, through serendipity​, we re-met and she became instrumental in my healing from PTSD, she re framed my experience so I had a context for understanding my choices. I took every SUN class she taught which has transformed me beyond words. She has introduced me to many modalities which I have deeply embraced and use to serve others. Mataji enriches my life beyond compare.

Thank you from the depth of my heart.

Mataji is a guide for the inward journey providing a neutral, safe, compassionate, supportive space / place for one seeking to endeavor deeper into an inquiry of their true nature.

For over 20 years Mataji has been a beneficial source and resource guiding me through many layers and levels of false imprinting and self deception, allowing me to see and express more clearly and truly my essence and nature.

Words are inadequate for expressing the depth of expansion and inner growth I have incurred as a direct result of Mataji’s presence and guidance in my life.

If you are one who is fortunate to attract Mataji into your field of experience as a teacher and guide, you are truly blessed.

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